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VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32

VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32
VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32

VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32

VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32. Highly efficient A++ split air conditioner complete set with 12000 BTU and 3.4 kW power for cooling, heating, dehumidifying and ventilating - WiFi-Ready, Smart Home, Amazon ALEXA and Google Assistant compatible, self-cleaning, timer, ECO mode, LED display and many other practical functions - including 2x 5m copper cable, 5.8m connection cable, remote control, 2m condensation water hose, wall bracket and installation material.

Your advantages at a glance. 12000 BTU (3.4 kW) SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER COMPLETE SET - Powerful air conditioner with heat pump for cooling, heating, dehumidifying and ventilating - including 2x 5m copper pipe, 5.8m connection cable, 2m condensation water hose, remote control with large display, wall bracket, installation material and R32 refrigerant (pre-filled). A++ ENERGY EFFICIENCY CLASS - Highly efficient split air conditioning system with EEK A++ and SEER 6.1 for cooling and EEK A+ and SCOP 4.0 for heating. TITANGOLD - Heat exchangers made from titanium gold are highly resistant to corrosion, this protects against rusting, curbs the formation of viruses, bacteria and mould and provides optimum performance.

WIFI-READY & APP CONTROL - convenient and easy control of the air conditioner on the go via smartphone app for Android or iOS - Amazon ALEXA and Google Assistant compatible (additional WiFi module required). R32 REFRIGERANT - The inverter is already pre-filled with environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which has a very low global warming potential (GWP) of only 675. MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS - ECO mode, turbo mode, sleep mode, health function, timer, self-cleaning, customizable swing position, LED temperature display, and more. 5 DIFFERENT MODES - Cooling, Heating, Drying, Ventilating and Auto mode. COMPACT & MODERN DESIGN - Indoor unit (WxHxD): 30.59×9.84×7.91 in - Outdoor unit (WxHxD): 30.59×19.61×11.42 in.

Especially in offices, in heated attics and in apartments that cannot be well ventilated due to traffic noise, the use of a split air conditioner is just as good a solution as in houses where you don't want to keep the windows open all night for security reasons. Split technology removes waste heat, condensation and noise to the outside, leaving only the fresh, cool and filtered indoor air inside.

Air-conditioned rooms do not have to be an unaffordable luxury. Both in the acquisition and in the current enterprise the VIESTA air conditioners are a recommendable investment into a more pleasant room climate. Thus you avoid tiredness and exhaustion by too high temperatures and receive your efficiency by restful sleep also in the high summer. A good air conditioner provides more than just cool room air.

The VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner consists of two components: The indoor part with LED temperature display for distribution and fanning of the conditioned room air, and the outdoor condenser for cold generation and warm air removal. The air conditioner is characterised by excellent workmanship and also offers modern control options via the Internet. Via an additional WiFi module, the air conditioner can be connected quickly and easily to the smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can also be connected conveniently via App for iOS and Android to set and control it while on the move.

During operation, the air-conditioning split unit is pleasantly quiet and hardly audible and with 12000 BTU output suitable for rooms up to 45m². With the help of the filter system the air is additionally processed, freed from dust and pollen and the air humidity proportion is regulated as desired.

The self-cleaning function provides even more comfort at the touch of a button and in the transitional period the climate split device can also be used to heat the room air. Can also be used to heat the room air used to heat the room air. The energy efficiency class A++ certifies the VIESTA air conditioner an excellent energy balance.

Treat yourself to an even more comfortable climate within your own 4 walls or in the office! The split air conditioner is delivered complete with all the necessary pipes, cables, brackets, etc. According to EU Regulation No. 51/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16.04.2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases, which came into force on 9 June 2014, the commissioning of air conditioners may only be carried out by a certified company. By means of an additional WiFi module, which is available in our shop, the VIESTA air conditioner can be connected to the smart home systems Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant and conveniently controlled and set via app while on the go. Thanks to the included remote control with extra large and clear display, the split air conditioner can also be set and operated comfortably from the sofa. The air conditioner has a hidden LED display that only becomes visible when you switch on the air conditioner. The display can also be conveniently switched on and off at the touch of a button on the remote control. It shows the temperature, timer and sleep mode. The VIESTA air conditioner split unit has 5 different modes / functions. The fan speed can be adjusted in 3 steps (Low, Mid and High). In addition, the fan speed can also be controlled automatically (Auto mode).

With the practical timer function you can individually set when the air conditioner should switch on and off. The timer can be set from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours.

The VIESTA air conditioner can be switched to ECO mode at the touch of a button. In this mode, the air conditioner has the lowest power consumption.

The air conditioner cleans itself automatically at the touch of a button. This function helps to remove accumulated dirt, bacteria, etc.

The swivel position can be conveniently adjusted individually by remote control both horizontally and vertically (up/down swivel and left/right swivel). This allows the air direction to be optimally positioned and the air to be evenly distributed in the room. This function allows the air conditioner to continue blowing air to dry the interior parts for about 15 minutes when the unit is switched off to prevent mould growth. The iFEEL function allows the remote controller to measure the temperature at your current location and send it to the air conditioner so that the air conditioner can optimize the temperature around you for maximum comfort.

When the air conditioner is in standby mode and the indoor temperature is 8°C or below, the air conditioner will automatically start heating until the indoor temperature reaches 18°C. Activating the TURBO function accelerates the fan speed and thus cooling or heating. When SLEEP mode is activated, the volume level of the air conditioner is reduced to a minimum so that you can sleep through the night undisturbed. The air conditioner is preset with an auto-restart function. In the event of a sudden power failure, the module remembers the settings before the power failure.

When the power is restored, the unit restarts automatically with the previous settings retained by the memory function. R32 refrigerant will replace R410A refrigerant in the medium term. Its composition is less harmful to the environment and at the same time it is more efficient, thus saving electrical energy.

The GWP (global warming potential) of 675 is very low compared to other refrigerants and therefore less harmful to our environment. The filling quantity is also lower due to a different compression, so that less refrigerant needs to be used in relation to others.

Cooling: 5.8 A (1.59.0). Heating: 4.7 A (1.510.0). Internal unit: 30.59×9.84×7.91 inch. Outdoor unit: 30.59×19.61×11.42 inch. Nominal energy efficiency in cooling mode EER.

Nominal coefficient of performance in heating mode COP. Air coolant / Füll quantity / GWP. R32 / 550g (pre-filled) / 675. 220-240V / 1Ph / 50Hz. VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner (outdoor unit + indoor unit).

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  • Brand: VIESTA
  • Cooling Method: Air
  • Colour: White
  • Mounting Location: Wall
  • Features: Adjustable Thermostat
  • Control Style: Digital
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 6.1-7
  • Number of Cool Speeds: Variable
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: A++
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Type: Through-the-Wall/Window Air Conditioner
  • EC Range: A+++ - D
  • Operating Sound Rating: 51-60 dB
  • Refrigerant: R-32
  • Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Amazon Alexa
  • Cable Length: Greater than 400 cm
  • Timer Control: 30 min
  • Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration: Single Hose
  • BTU Cooling Rating: 12000-12999 BTU
  • Air Flow Volume: 401-550 CCM
  • Area Covered: 41 - 50 sq m
  • Item Depth: 7.91 in
  • Item Length: 9.84 in
  • Item Width: 30.59 in
  • Model: 12SM
  • Power: 3001-3500 W
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Bundle Description: 2x copper cable 5m, Connecting cable 5,8m, Condensation water hose 2m, Wall bracket, Mounting material
  • Current Rating: 9.0-10.0 A
  • Accessories: Complete set with all necessary accessories
  • EAN: 4251320812484

VIESTA 12SM split air conditioner 3.4kW 12000BTU air-conditioning system A++ R32